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I1 e I2

Introduction: two years. This is the introductory course of the method and is suitable for the youngest ones who, thanks to the learning of earliest rhythm elements, can begin to enjoy playing drums.

P1, P2, P3 e P4

Beginners: four years. The course for beginners teaches to the student the basics of different rhythms such as rock, latin and jazz. The techniques mastered at the end of this course make the student able to express himself in bands and various musical formations. This course is addressed to both children and adults.

E1, E2 e E3

Elementary: three years. This is the elementary course for drummers that allows you to deepen the concepts of the beginner's course and to improve the technique on the instrument in order to start to using personal style elements during the execution of songs and exercises.

M1 e M2

Medium: two years. This course level helps expand the concepts of improvisation and soloing, and helps students create their own musical footprint by using their own technique and melodic ideas.


This is the last year of Agostini studies and is completed with the final exam to attest the end of the studies.

Annually, at the end of the school year, official examinations from the Agostini Center in Paris are scheduled to test the progress made during the year.

There is also an "entrance test" for students who are already playing the instrument in order to choose the appropriate placement within the Agostini study path.