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DANTE AGOSTINI ROMA drum school, created by Rudy Tavars, is based on the methods developed by Dante Agostini, an Italian drummer, born in Mercatello (PU) in 1921.

The method provides different types of exercises on the instrument in order to reach a high level of confidence with the instrument. These activities range from technique and the study of historical songs for drumming, up to different styles of modern music, passing through the jazz and latin influences that over time settled in the culture of the drums.

Each Agostini course is led directly by the Centre Agostini Paris, where Dante began to spread his method and which, after his passing, is directed by J.F. Juskowiak. Io order to respect the characteristics of the Parisian school, the courses are divided into several levels, from the introduction to the battery, to the semi-professional and professional class, up to the Agostini Diploma.

Rudy Tavars

Born in the province of Udine in 1990, he immediately became passionate about percussion instruments, and particularly about drums. At the age of 9, he began to play the instrument thanks to a local orchestra. At the age of 19 he started Dante Agostini's method with the help of m° Dal Forno and then he studied in the Paris  Dante Agostini school, obtaining his diploma in 2014 with the highest marks. During his studies he cooperated with "Corpo Bandistico G. Rossini" in Castions of Strada (UD) and the Little Piano School in Udine. In 2015, he passed the exam of the Agostini's teacher training course in Parigi (CESMA), which allows him to hold his official Agostini's course and in 2016 opened Dante Agostini's school in Rome.